I am an artist, a designer, a thinker, a communicator.  My medium of choice is that which is most effective. I am constantly looking for new ways to create meaningful and strategic communication through visual design. Please, go ahead and peruse some of my work provided below.


Web/UX Design


Video Production


Multimedia Production


Printing & Publishing



Perhaps the pinnacle of multi-media design and visual communications, web applications and user experience (UX) design leverages all the design disciplines exhibited throughout my portfolio, but it takes things one step further.  Like the conductor of an orchestra, or the captain of a cruise line, UX design allows full control of content presentation to create unique user interactions, and leave lasting audience impressions. 


My showcase piece is an interactive Digital Agenda for an educational symposium in the field of optometry. Check it out!

Web / UX

Maybe the most ubiquitous medium in communications, video is everywhere.  This small selection of my video work includes full length clips meant for video specific platforms.  I've served in just about every role in video production.  These examples showcase some of my production, cinematography, visual fx, editing, sound-mixing, and X-platform publishing skills.

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2019 Ranger Z Series TV Spot - Mercury

2019 Ranger Z Series TV Spot - Mercury

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See It Forward

See It Forward

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El Nivel Tequila

El Nivel Tequila

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What is multi-media design?  It's content development combining numerous mediums and disciplines.  The following pieces include a wide range of visual expertise: photo, video, illustration, animation, text, color... you name it.  Examples from this section are intended for several forms of digital publication.  Many found life in social media posts, web advertising, promotional content and similar endeavors.  Click around!


Publishing means much more than pressing print.  Documents today are meant for web use as well as print, and must be far more flexible and interactive.  However, they still rely on the same elements as always.  Rich gorgeous text, stunning imagery, and excellent spatial design, all brought together to best convey a message to an audience.  The 4 examples below showcase a variety of published documents, and are all clickable to view up close!

Print/ Publishing
Just Design It_2017
Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 9.37.39 PM.png
Local Tourist_Summer 2014_Linesheet

Combining multiple visual assets across different disciplines and mediums to create a cohesive narrative intended to promote, influence, sell, or simply self identify.  Marketing and branding efforts demonstrate expert knowledge in design tools, and provide excellent examples of big-picture creative thinking/ problem solving.  I've provided a taste of just a few assets created for a few of the organizations and individuals I've worked with in this capacity.

Marketing & Branding

I know, I'm sad too.  But I have SO much more content I could display, and how much scrolling and clicking can one person really be expected to do!? At the risk of my site becoming long-winded, I'll wrap up here.  If you want to see more video, published material, web design, logo design, illustration, marketing & advertising, social media, photography, fine art/traditional mediums, writing...

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